Sticking to Diet and No Weight Loss: 5 Major Reasons

Nothing can be more frustrating than exerting yourself and making healthy food choices, only to fail dropping those extra pounds. This is one of the most common complaints from the people worldwide. You may feel like you have already tried every diet or workout plan and still cannot reach your desired results. The issue is… Read More

Get Fit with Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

Weight loss has become a big issue these days. With the help of the Internet, people can understand the benefits of keeping weight maintained and hence can follow the diet plans or treatment options easily, though it is advisable to visit a health expert before beginning any weight loss program. An experienced person will be… Read More

How to get started on your new year’s weight loss goals early

A New Year is just around the corner and the time for resolutions is fast approaching. In this resolution season, the most common one is weight loss and a rejuvenating lifestyle. Why wait until January? We should start our New Year resolution today because  if we start working on our New Year resolution today, we… Read More

Best diet and exercise plan for medical weight loss

Medical weight loss: Medical weight loss is a weight loss plan that is conducted and supervised by a physician and dietician. It involves the management of diet, fitness and healthy behaviors. Medical weight loss is not just focused on weight loss techniques but it also improves the exercise patterns and nutritional habits of a person…. Read More

Importance of nutrition to weight loss

Good nutrition: Good nutrition is vital for physical and mental health. Nutrition helps you to grow, repair body tissue and build new muscle tissue. Good nutrition provides nutrient density, controls energy balance, achieves performance, body composition and health goals. An ideal nutrition level involves variety of food, regular meals, fiber-rich foods, wholegrain, vegetables, fruits, a… Read More