Best diet and exercise plan for medical weight loss

Medical weight loss: Medical weight loss is a weight loss plan that is conducted and supervised by a physician and dietician. It involves the management of diet, fitness and healthy behaviors. Medical weight loss is not just focused on weight loss techniques but it also improves the exercise patterns and nutritional habits of a person…. Read More

Importance of nutrition to weight loss

Good nutrition: Good nutrition is vital for physical and mental health. Nutrition helps you to grow, repair body tissue and build new muscle tissue. Good nutrition provides nutrient density, controls energy balance, achieves performance, body composition and health goals. An ideal nutrition level involves variety of food, regular meals, fiber-rich foods, wholegrain, vegetables, fruits, a… Read More

How body contouring and weight loss work

Body Contouring: Body contouring is a novel field of plastic surgery techniques that addresses irregular shaped bodies. These procedures can be accomplished in people who have lost compelling weight through exercise and diet, normal weight patients and people who have lost weight after bariatric surgery. Most popular body contouring procedures are coolsculpting and liposuction. Non… Read More

Benefits of medical weight loss

Medical weight loss: Medical weight loss program is presented, designed and surprised by medical professionals. The medical weight loss team includes a licensed physician, a nutritionist, a nurse, a fitness trainer and other medical professionals, if necessary. It is customized to suit the needs of individual. The goal of medical weight loss is not only… Read More